President's Message

Greetings Guardians Family and Friends!

On behalf of the membership of the Guardians Association of the Police Department of the City of New York, I welcome you to our website and thank you for your commitment and support to our organization. This year we are commemorating 75 Years of the Guardians Association with our focus being on continuing to honor our promise as stated in our mission statement to bring greater understanding between our communities and the police. Our goal will be to create a round table that we can all sit at and exchange concepts and ideas to continue positive evolution and significant change.

The terms “Equity and Inclusion” will be key in setting the tone for next steps. There are 800 languages spoken as well as 33 genders identified in New York City. Our membership rosters reflect this grand mosaic. Through inclusion and our membership, we will become the translators. Through inclusion we are committed to working together as the blended family that we are. There is strength in common understanding and respect. This organization is committed to continued outreach and committee work toward this goal.